Hi Lisa
I wanted to commend the packing team today, kurk and Tony ( spelling may be off)
They were very professional and exuded an air of confidence and competence, possibly helped by kurk’s patter, to be fair. The had a great balance of working autonomously and asking for information as necessary that allowed me to continue working whilst also helping me trust them to get the job done.
The export wrapping around our more precious furniture was a reassuring measure and I feel happy that I won’t get shouted at by the missus tomorrow after the move 😉
I think their attitude to packing and making me feel less guilty for having someone in my home picking up my stuff, is brilliant.
I feel confident that the entire move will work well because your company, from quote to packing, have been nothing but excellent.
I assume that your company will continue to impress.. on the day before my move I wanted to thank your team for reducing this stress and allowing me to focus on the real stress of moving… Getting broadband!

August 1, 2014