On Site Shredding

inline Removals & Storage Ltd offer a high volume, highly confidential secure on site shredding service at your door. The confidential data is collected from an appointed place, either individual offices or in a store, and is taken to the shredding vehicle.

The confidential data is weighed and destroyed by shredding and automatically fed through a compactor attached to the shredder for secondary destruction. On completion, a Certificate of Destruction is issued and the shredded material removed for recycling.

Key Service Points:

  • High powered mobile shredding units
  • Waste is destroyed before we leave you
  • Compliance with the Data Protection Act

Off Site Shredding

Inline Removals & Storage Ltd offers a range of secure OFF SITE shredding services, East London, Central London, Essex & Kent.

Secure Shredding Service London Essex KentRegular clearance service

You choose how you want to collect the material to be shredded; desk trays, office bins, wheelie bins or skips and we’ll supply the equipment, next day delivery and collection service.

Then you decide when we collect the waste, a simple telephone call or on an agreed regular date, and then your filled bin or bags will be taken to a secure off site shredding unit, shredded and baled within 24 hrs and a “Certificate of Destruction” sent or faxed to you.

Archive and clearance service

If you’re having a clearout, moving premises or closing down Inline Removals & Storage Ltd can assist with ensuring all confidential waste is shredded effectively and securely.

Environmentally Friendly Shredding

Each A4 sheet is chopped into approximately 150 fragments, 2cm square, in line with the Government requirement for Class 3 destruction. The fragments are then pulped before recycling.

Our clients save more that 10,000,000 trees every year, helping to save our environment.

Equipment & Collection Service

Inline Removals & Storage Ltd can provide a range of equipment for you to collect confidential waste at your premises.

Recycling Bins

To help promote recycling in your office

  • Discrete bins for paper, cup, can, cardboard recycling
  • Range of sizes for internal use, from 90 litres to 340 litres
Wheelie Bins

Robust bins to collect your company’s recycling

  • Range of sizes for external use, from 100 litres to 1,200 litres
  • Lockable bin option

Cost effective option for high volume waste

  • Range of sizes up to 40 yard
  • Open or closed top options
  • Highly effective on-site compaction for high volume waste
  • inline Removals & Storage Ltd Shredding Process


The Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998 impose duties on businesses to ensure that all information is kept confidential or destroyed securely.

Shredding is probably the safest way of responsibly destroying sensitive documents and data


Collection: We collect your confidential waste in lorries, which are alarmed and have satellite security systems. Our staff collect the bins and load them into our vehicles. Staff are vetted prior to employment for previous criminal record and other risk factors.

Staff and vehicles: Our staff collect the bins and load them into our vehicles. Staff are vetted prior to employment for previous criminal record and other risk factors. Vehicles are equipped with GPS satellite tracking systems, with real-time reporting of vehicle location (to the nearest ten metres) back to the office. Our staff have mobile phones to report difficulties and to keep in communication with the office.

Weigh: Your waste is weighed and a receipt issued.

Destruction: Your material is destroyed by large industrial shredders. Shredding time from collection is approximately 8 hours. The facility is patrolled by security staff and is under continual CCTV surveillance.

Certification: Certificates of Destruction are issued monthly to confirm the safe destruction of your material.


  • Have you fully assessed the risk to your business or operation if your confidential information were to fall into the wrong hands?
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