Office Move Checklist

Expert AdviceAll Office Moves successfully completed rely on key timeframes and deadlines. Having a clear picture of the process involved in moving your offices, the tasks required and the key timeframes to keep to that will help you and your personnel achieve a smooth transition from one location to another is essential. Contact inline Removals on 0800 092 1313 and we will ensure your office move is scheduled and planned correctly to avoid the office moving pitfalls.

Top Six Problems when moving office

    1. Escalating costs – As a business spiralling and unforeseen costs can be a real headache. Advance planning and using a quality office relocation specialist will ensure that all aspects of your office move will run smoothly. The earlier you can start to plan your office move the easier, cheaper and less disruptive the office move will be.
    2. Disruption – Depending on your business it can be this aspect of your move that will give you the biggest headache. Downtime has to be minimised or avoided. Inline Removals can help you with the coordinating of the move to ensure that any downtime is reduced or eradicated completely.
    3. Health & Safety – When your move begins you will have numerous personnel within your offices moving crates, desks etc down corridors, within lifts and vehicles moving around. Health and Safety has to be a priority for the safety of your employees.
    4. Unable to move – Sounds unbelievable, however it does happen because of leases that have not been checked thoroughly, it is advisable to have a property lawyer check your office lease to clarify the required notice period.


  1. Confused employees – Remember your employees are moving too, like moving home it can be a stressful experience and you will need to keep them informed at every stage.
  2. Rented/specialist equipment – Some electrical items need specialist moving services so please contact the supplier to check. If these items are rented or leased you must contact the rental/lease company before you move them.

Moving Office Space Calculator

Need help with calculating office space, our free office space specialist will help you plan your existing or new office working out how much office space you require. Whether you are expanding or downsizing it is important to understand exactly how much office space you are going to need.

Quick Checklist

  • Internet, phones and faxes connection ready, when you move into your new office
  • All drawers, file cabinets and desks are empty and locked
  • DO NOT MOVE labels attached
  • Keys and spare keys
  • Personal items packed and labeled including desk furniture, seat pads etc
  • All Liquids drained includes: water coolers, photocopiers
  • Services working, i.e. electric, heating and the bathrooms
  • Above ground floor move check to make sure the lifts are working and available.
  • Are calls been diverted, is stationary to be amended including website

Our Office moving services include:

  • Project planning
  • Scheduling and timetable
  • Crate hire
  • Office furniture
  • Removals
  • Storage
  • IT moving
  • Handyman
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