IT Relocation / Computer / Server Removals

Computer Server and IT RemovalsEnsure that your business-critical, delicate equipment is moved safely and effectively.

There can be absolutely no doubt that avoidable downtime represents a significant risk to your business. When you move office premises, you are clearly exposed to this risk. We make it our priority to ensure that the downtime that’s associated with your office move is kept to an absolutely minimum.

Your hardware and systems will be back online as quickly as possible, allowing you to provide a high level of service from your new business environment.


We offer a specialist Smartmove service, guaranteeing that you will be connected to your network and be fully functional on the very day of your move. We believe that it’s critical to ensure that there is continuity for your business.

We will arrange a pre-agreed time to meet you at your new location. We can then install, assemble and properly test every elements of your IT systems. We specifically cover the following areas:

  • Connections & testing – We examine all cabling to make sure that it runs to the right locations. We then power up every device, confirming that each piece of equipment is still functioning as it did before the move.
  • Networking – Having confirmed that all devices are working independently, we then set about testing the level of interactivity that is present. We look to ensure that devices can communicate properly with each other, together with other elements of the building infrastructure. We also look to optimise the peformance of the network and check all security features are in place.
  • Printing & scanning – We know that printing is critical to many businesses. That’s why we make sure that all printers are available on the network. We perform test prints and scans from each of your devices, confirming that all is working as it should.
  • Internet connecting checks – We will ensure that devices are connected to the Internet, as required. We will also carry out checks on basic browsing and can even check your connections to hosted applications. As a final part of the Internet configuration confirmation process, we also perform a speed test.
  • E-mail – For those making use of our hosted Exchange service, we are happy to confirm that the service is set up properly and every single device within your office. We’ll double-check that emails can be both sent and received. Even if you are intending on using an alternative e-mail service providers, we’ll be happy to test the sending and receiving process.

Smartmove Platinum

Our Smartmove Platinum service is aimed at those wanting an even more comprehensive IT moving experience. You can customise the options that you require, including:

  • Packing up – We;’ll handle the decommissioning and packing up of the IT equipment that you are using at your existing office.
  • Physical moving – With inline/Lanmark you can ensure that the transportation of your equipment is in good hands.
  • New hardware – If you require new hardware after your move then inline/Lanmark can offer discounted pricing, ensuring that you get the best deal.
  • Unlimited remote & onsite support – You may well wish to have additional support, once the move has been completed. We’re able to provide assistance with all workstations and servers.
Pricing for the move will largely depend on the amount of equipment that will be moved to your new office. To get a quote, feel free to give us a call on 020 7511 1313
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