Moving office at Christmas can be particularly stressful as the cold weather can really put the brakes on an office relocation. At inline Removals & Storage we are experts at handling any office move and won’t let anything get in the way of delivering outstanding service from start to finish.
When you are moving office you need a reliable office removals company so that your weeks of office move preparation don’t go to waste – this is where inline Removals come in, with our excellent track record of reliable removals.

One particular client found us via our web site when looking for help moving offices and called upon our services to help with a London office move. Over Christmas the client arranged with us to relocate there offices from Canary Wharf to EC1 but their removal project was very nearly held back by the considerable snowfall with company directors stranded out in Maidstone for several days. However, Inline Removals & Storage are dedicated to delivering their side of the bargain and ensuring that clients receive the smoothest moving day possible.

Despite the adverse conditions, we worked tirelessly to keep the lines of communication open through email and telephone to ensure that everything in our power could be done to carry out the move as promised. With careful co-ordination our members of staff, building managers, company managers and directors were all kept up to date with the move’s progress and the project was completed in just two days. Due to the heavy snow however, it was still some time before the company managers and directors could appreciate all the hard work courtesy of the staff at inline Removals & Storage and really enjoy their new workplace.

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