Inline Removals recognises that on occasions we might fail to meet our Customers’ expectations. We are an organisation committed to service excellence and therefore we welcome complaints as valuable opportunities to help maintain the quality standards we have achieved and drive continuous improvements to our service. This document outlines in broad terms our core aims and intended approach for the management of complaints.


a) In person – Please discuss your complaint with the member of staff or company representative you are dealing with. We hope we will be able to address positively your complaint at this stage. However, if you feel your complaint has not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner at this stage and you would like to discuss the matter with our Managing Director, terry Watters please contact us either by phone or email (see details below) to arrange a meeting.

b) Via Post – please address your complaint to:

Terry Watters, Inline Removals, Unit 6, Thames Road Industrial Estate, Thames Road, Silvertown, London, E16 2EZ

c) Via email please send your complaint

d) Via Telephone please raise your complaint by calling us on: 0800 092 1313


Our objectives are to:

  • Ensure complaints are processed in a consistent way.
  • Ensure complaints are dealt with within an acceptable time frame.
  • Ensure that complaints and subsequent actions are clearly communicated to both customers and staff.
  • Adopt an approach that reflects ‘best practice’ and meets the requirements of both our customers and staff.
  • Enables us to learn and improve our services to continually improve the service we provide.
  • Ensure our procedure is transparent and easy to understand.
  • Ensure our procedure is monitored so that staff adhere to the process.
  • Reduce the number of complaints by pro-actively learning, changing, improving, re-designing and creating new initiatives as a result of our customers’ input.


Minimum service standards in the handling of complaints have been developed to ensure customers receive the same standard of service regardless of the type of service or staff member the complaint relates to.

The following represents the minimum complaint standard:

  • The complaint will be logged on our internal database.
  • The complaint will be dealt with in a timely manner, and the complainant will be kept updated with the progress of the complaint.
  • A written response will be sent on completion of the actions once the complaint has been resolved.

This policy is intended to represent a practical means by which Inline Removals can demonstrate its determination to manage the complaints process effectively for the benefit of our customers.


  • We will acknowledge the complaint within three working days.
  • We will commission an investigation by a senior member of staff and provide a report on our findings within the five working days. Where remedial or corrective action is required we will implement as soon as practicable and advise the complainant.
  • If the findings of the investigation are not upheld, the complainant has the right to appeal. This must be done within twenty one days. A senior manager will investigate and provide a response within ten working days. Recommendations of any upheld complaint will be implemented as soon as practical. If the appeal is not upheld, the complainant will be advised accordingly given reasons.
  • If the complaint remains dissatisfied, a further approach may be made to the Managing Director. This must be done within ten working days. The Managing Director will investigate and advise the complaint accordingly giving reasons. If the complaint is not upheld no further action is required. If the complaint is found to be fully justified the Managing Director will instruct remedial action as appropriate and advise the complainant within ten working days. If appropriate, the Managing Director will advise the complainant of any potential actions as appropriate.
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